Often regarded as ‘The King of Woods’ , Teak is native to only a few tropical regions such as India, Thailand and Myanamar (Burma) although now available in many countries as Plantations. Burma Teak , as it is commonly referred, is naturally grown without any external care to be much denser and durable than Plantation Teak. The average age of a fully grown Burma Teak Tree from which the Round Logs are procured is a remarkable hundred years. On the other hand, Plantation Teak is harvested after fifteen to twenty years. This explains the difference in applications.

From being used as Decking of the great Titanic to building British Settlements in Rangoon, Burma Teak has been the first preference timber for several craftsmen. The distinct golden coloured appearance lightens up living spaces like no other timber. Furthermore, its natural oil component makes it extremely resistant to termites , bacteria and dampness. Other applications include luxurious furniture, flooring, skirting, veneers, carvings , that are used in construction work of various palaces, hotels, villas and other retro and urban residences. WBT Group is the leading Burma teak wood supplier in Dubai offering finest quality wood.